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DiCE CARE is pure serenity

DiCE CARE is pure serenity because it makes life easier for the whole family.

Stop bothering your parents with the usual questions: what time did you get up? And when did you go to bed? Did you go out in the rain?
Just look at the app and you will know everything instantly! As simple as that: you won't be the boring son anymore, and they won't be just "the elderly parents". Each check will be done on a specific parameter and won’t be annoying, so your relationship will improve.

DiCE CARE is designed and produced in Italy.
It operates in compliance with privacy, without using cameras, it is not to be applied to the walls, worn or carried around and it signals you:


DiCE CARE remembers the routine of your loved ones and notifies you with an alert when their activities start and end, and if everything goes as usual. You can find out, for example, if the meal time remains the same or changes.


DiCE CARE informs you if there is a change in the daily routine at home: if the alarm time is postponed or set earlier; if the usual activities do not start or if non-scheduled activities are carried out at night, or at a given time.


DiCE CARE allows you to remind your loved ones something which needs to be done at a certain time: commitments, such as picking up grandchildren from school, or running errands. All with absolute certainty.

DiCE CARE keeps everything under control for you.
You just have to read the notifications. It's simple, isn't it?

How does DiCE CARE work?


1. App

The actual user interface that allows you to configure DiCE CARE, see the data collected and receive notifications.

2. DiCE CARE device

The DiCE CARE smart device is to be placed in the house, wherever it can be reached by the Wi-Fi connection.


3. D·ENERGY sensor

The D·ENERGY activity reader, which is to be installed on the electricity meter in the house of your loved ones, will transmit the data to DiCE CARE.

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